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anti anti - free collective from munich

we are your personal visual unit and take care of you in the creative process.

we invent unique visual worlds that fit to your brand and pushes the story to another level. We don't want 10 clients at the same time, so we dive head over heels into selected projects.

we decode your dna, ask the right questions and create something completely new for you - we promise.

Let's give it a try, you'll see if it works or not.

anti anti stands for ethical values. that means we pay our crew fairly, we are transparent and we only network with nice people. we are not classic advertisers, have no accounting, no receptionist and no rooftop terrace.

when a project appeals to us we are already in the middle of it. we throw ideas through the room and think about the framework of how we can realize the joint project. We love to be on the road, to work as a team and train our common sense of taste non-stop. Every fantasy is allowed, even if it pushes us again to build a devil machine that can only be controlled with a playstation controller.
+49/89 - 41 85 36 06

AN T  I   A    N      T      I
dreamers culture

arndtstr. 16
munich - DE
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